About KRET

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) is a subsidiary of the state corporation Rostec.

Presently, KRET unites more than 95 enterprises and organizations engaged in the development and production of military and civil radio-electronic products.

The enterprises of the Concern are located across Russia, from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok, and the total number of employees exceeds 50,000 people.

Currently, KRET produces a wide range of products, which may be classified as follows:

  • avionics, operational and tactical systems;
  • electronic warfare and intelligence equipment (EW and ELINT);
  • friend-or-foe identification systems and equipment (IFF);
  • special measuring instrumentation (MI);
  • plugs, electric connectors, and cable products.

A significant share of the Concern’s revenues comes from avionics and operational systems. KRET controls approximately 40% of the military avionics market.

The Concern is developing avionics for the leading Russian aircraft, including Su-35S, Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-171A2, Yak-130, Il-476, and Tu-204SM, the most modern Russian line aircraft, as well as the Soyuz-TMA spacecraft. Thus, KRET is a supplier for the major Russian aircraft producers, such as United Aircraft Corporation and Russian Helicopters.

Currently, the enterprises of the Concern are among the world leaders and the top Russian designers and producers in the field of electronic warfare equipment and suites, as well as IFF systems, which have no foreign equivalents. KRET is the designer of one of two IFF radar systems that exist in the world, Parol, which is used by Russia and the CIS countries (the second MK-12 radar IFF system is used by the USA and NATO members).


A notable trend in the business of the Concern is the significant increase in production of military electric connecters and cables, as well as the extension of the range of civil products. One of the goals of the Concern is to enter the world market of the plug connecter suppliers for major international companies, and particularly for Airbus.

High-tech products of KRET enterprises are available within the framework of the state arms program and state defense order, as well as international treaties in the field of military and technical cooperation. Even today, the products of the Concern are supplied to 30 countries of the world.

According to the approved development strategy, by 2020 KRET will become an international civil-military holding company, as well as one of the largest Russian defense companies.