Cooperation with Institutions of Higher Education

Agreements about cooperation with 24 institutions of higher education were comprised

Concern Radioeletronic Technologies (KRET) allocates an important place for the matter of integrating science, education, and production. The Concern actively works with leading institutions of higher education and scientific organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The enterprises of KRET successfully participate in the realization of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation from 4/9/2010 No. 218 “On Measures of State Support of the Development of Institutions of Higher Education and Organizations Implementing Complex Projects to Create High-Tech Production”.

Currently agreements are comprised by the Concern about cooperation with 24 supporting institutions of higher education, on the basis of which a specific preparation of specialists is being fulfilled and joint research works are being led bearing in mind perspective demands of the radioelectronic industry. Just in the interests of KRET and its organizations 45 programs of institutions of higher learning are being realized.

Mutual cooperation allows the Concern to effectively participate in the formation of educational programs, place its technological “platforms” in the specialization’s conditions, and actively meet future graduates, attracting them for the passage of practice, internships, and subsequent placement.

Institutions of higher education and scientific organizations are attractive as co-executives while fulfilling NIOKR and an innovative production manufacturing organization with the use of the Concern’s companies production base. As of now over 40 basic departments of institutions of higher education have been created in KRET and its organizations.

In addition, according to the creation strategy in the industrial defense complex of the multilevel continuous education system, a system of supplementary professional preparation of shots of enterprises are being realized by the Concern. Last year, 670 of the Concern’s employees went through training and raised their qualifications in institutions of higher education. KRET has spent approximately RUB 10 million on just its employees’ education.

Within the framework of cooperation with institutions of higher education, representatives of science and higher education have been participating as members of the Concern’s scientific technical councils and its enterprises. According to new rules, the amount of members of the scientific community has grown among the recently established KRET board of directors.

Along with this, the realization of events along the inclusion of the Concern’s representatives as members of the academic councils of institutions of higher education is being foreseen, which would allow for a more active influence on an informative part of their educational and scientific activity.

KRET has also been actively participating in the assessment of projects of federal state standards of higher, middle, and beginning professional education.