23 Sep 2016 Media

Import substitution for the Alligator

18 Feb 2016 Media

Moscow Metro has launched driverless trains

10 Feb 2016 Media

Tupolev 160 Production Restart Program Is On Schedule

03 Feb 2016 Media

KRET promotes printed circuit boards to the European and CIS markets

27 Jan 2016 Media

Aerobatic teams to receive new planes

25 Jan 2016 Media

Indian aircraft carrier may receive MiG-29K fighters

20 Jan 2016 Media

KRET has developed the avionics for a flying laboratory

20 Jan 2016 Media

Photonics: From the laser to "radar sight"

18 Jan 2016 Media

A new helicopter carrier will be built in Russia

12 Jan 2016 Media

KRET Continues Production Upgrades

12 Jan 2016 Media

Mi-38 Goes to Full-Scale Production

11 Jan 2016 Media

A New KRET Radar to See Underwater

11 Jan 2016 Media

A New Technology Revolution Is Coming

24 Dec 2015 Media

Ansat-U may have a new passenger version

24 Dec 2015 Media

KRET enterprise receives FEA-Passport