About KRET

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies is realizing its purchase procedure in correspondence with Russian legislature, normative acts of the Rostec Corporation, and internal documents ensuring public knowledge and transparency of work at all stages of purchase activity. In regards to legal and normative acts regulating KRET’s purchase activity are:

  • Russian Federal Law No. 135 “On the Protection of Competition” (Open);
  • Russian Federal Law No. 223 “On Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities” (Open);
  • Russian Federal Law No. 275 “On the Securities Market” (Open);
  • Russian Government Order No. 616 from June 21, 2012 “On Endorsing the List of Goods, Works and Services Purchased in Electronic Form” (Open);
  • Russian Government Order No. 662 from June 30, 2012 “On the Term of Publication during Purchases of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities of Information on the Official Site of the Informational Telecommunication Network the Internet” (Open);
  • Russian Government Order No. 908 from September 10, 2012 “On the Adoption of the Statute on the Posting of Procurement Information on the Official Website” (Open);
  • Russian Government Order No. 932 from September 17, 2012 “On the Adoption of Rules of Forming of a Plan of Purchase of Goods (Works, Services) and the Requirements to Form Such a Plan” (Open);
  • Order of the Rostechnologii Corporation No. 408 (now Rostec) from December 14, 2011 “On the Organization of Trade Purchase Procedures by Organizations of the Corporation with the Participation of LLC RT-Komplektimex (Open);
  • Enactment by the Rostechnologii Corporation (now Rostec) No. 18 from February 15, 2012 “On the Adoption of the Statute on Purchase Activity of the Organization State Corporation Rostechonologii (Open)
  • Enactment by the Rostechnologii Corporation (now Rostec) No. 161 from September 4, 2013 “On the Introduction of Changes into the Statute on Purchase Activity of the Organization Rostechnologii Corporation” (Open);
  • Statute on the Purchase Activity of JSC Concern Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) (Open)

Concern Radioelectronic Techonologies places information about the instillation of purchase procedures, fulfillment of works, and/or provision of services on the following internet sites: - the official site of the Russian Federation on the Internet - the official electronic trading ground of the Rostec Corporation.